Then Jesus Called Her Name

In the darkest days of her life, when grief and loss were new, she got up before the sunrise to anoint the body of the one she loved for burial – the one who had saved her.  She was broken, confused, hopeless…until Jesus called her name.  She was weeping so hard, she couldn’t even see him, but she recognized his voice.

How beautiful it is that Jesus appeared first to her.  In a culture where women were second class citizens, not even able to testify in a trial, Jesus appeared risen first to a woman.  Jesus loves you too and knows your name.  This is the hope of Easter – that because of what Christ did on the cross and at the resurrection, he speaks into your deepest hurt and redeems it.  He pieces back together the shattered parts of your heart and says he will use it for good.

Jesus descended to the depths of hell and bore the wrath of God for your sins.  He took your husband, but he loves you and has a plan.  He walks with us, especially on our darkest days, and calls our name out in the middle of our hopelessness.  He has a plan that we can’t understand but we definitely can trust.  We can keep going because he’s already defeated sin and Satan and death forever.  It’s not just a cliché line of a song, it’s a truth: Because he lives, we can face tomorrow.

This Easter, praise the one who gave his life for you.  He’s calling your name.

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