Don’t Miss Out on the Mystery of Christmas

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I have been so busy this last month. Christmas parties, decorating for Christmas, wrapping presents, keeping kids out of the presents, making gingerbread houses, etc. Sometimes we get so busy that we miss out on the true mystery enfolded into Christmas.

Christmas is about both joy and suffering. The joy of a Savior born, coupled with the knowledge that this Savior was born to die and bear the price of our sins. The Creator of the universe, willingly made human, to experience all the sorrows of a human life so he would be the perfect high priest and mediator for us.

Christ wasn’t born in a palace. Angels didn’t announce his birth to religious leaders or royalty. He came to the lowly, the humble, the unsuspecting. This is the mystery of Christmas.

God whispers to those forgotten by this world that he sees them. He uses those that feel they’re insignificant to turn the world upside down. If you feel like you’re just going through the motions this season, take heart. God sees you. He knows all you do for those you love. He knows when you’re weary or you feel like what you’re doing doesn’t matter. Let me remind you that what you’re doing with your precious little ones, day in and day out, has eternal significance.

Christmas is about redemption and restoration. If you’re having a hard time this Christmas, remember that God heals the broken and restores those who have lost big.

Mary may have felt alone when she gave birth to her first child far from home. She may have felt lonely when she and Joseph had to flee to Egypt, a foreign land with a foreign culture and religion, far from what she had always known. But guess what? God was always with her. Both her heavenly father and in the very tangible presence of her son Jesus. God is with you too. This is how we can celebrate at Christmas, no matter our circumstances. We can always have hope because we have a Savior who came at Christmas to give us just that – hope. If you feel defeated, remember that he’s already defeated sin and death. Through him, we’ve already won. Let the promises of God found in His word sink into your heart this Christmas (and everyday.) You are loved, and you are never ever alone.

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