Favorite Christmas Devotionals

I’m a huge fan of Christmas devotionals and any tradition that helps remind me and my family of what we really celebrate at Christmas.  Last year, we celebrated the night before advent with a poem written by Ann Voskamp and a hot chocolate party.  (She had that idea on her site as well as free printables.)  Here are some other devotionals we’ve enjoyed. 

  1. The Way to the Manger – this family devotional has bright and colorful pictures and includes Bible verses with a devotional to read as well as questions to discuss. 
  • The Greatest Gift – this is a wonderful devotional that I enjoy reading.  I did it one year with the kids and just summarized each section. 
  • God is in the Manger – phenomenal devotional based on excerpts from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s writings.  I tried this with the kids, and it was a little over their heads.  I think it is a powerful and moving read for adults though.
  • The Light Gift – this picture book is an advent story written by the Voskamp family.  We are currently reading it and got the Messiah Manger to go with it.  (Note: You can only purchase this book from the Keeping Company’s website.) 
  • Unwrapping the Greatest Gift – I have this one on my shelf but have not read it yet.  I will definitely try it at some point since I’m a huge fan of Ann Voskamp. 

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